Sunday, 8 November 2009

Wow... its been 2 years since I last wrote on the blog... how much of my life has changed! and in ways I never thought it would/could.


I didn't go to Japan, some may call me foolish, I am in fact proud of my decision, i thought about it some more and I think the whole thing was about proving to myself i am good enough... I did what I set out to achieve, I keep waiting for regret to hit but so far it hasn't struck.

Sam & i are still together... living in a small house in wolverhampton.. a place we now call home. We are about to celebrate our first christmas here so I'm very excited :D :D :D Things are going pretty good.

Work.... I have been working in a hostel for a year now, doing various bits and pieces, it is a place for vulnerable adults... its both awesome and exhausting. Ready to move on now which is where I get stuck because its kind of a hard decision as to what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Sam i think is at the same cross roads. It's something we have to decide together... so who knows what will happen.

Family... they are good, love them all to pieces, now have an extended family that is the Tylers, love them all to bits too.

Fun... its been an awesome 2 years, this year alone Sam and I have travelled Portugal and explored Turkey. As well as random weekends of fun including old boys weekend and our house party its been a good year.

Things are looking good! :D

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Had a really relaxed day today! cleaned the bathroom preinspection and read Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5'. What a random book that is!! jeeez, it flits from 40's to 60's from Dresden and WW2 to a far out galaxy in which Billy Pilgrim (the main protagonist) has been captured and is being kept in a zoo. I'm not sure if I actually like it, I don't mind the weird and the wonderful however this isn't exactly what i'd call wonderful reading! I dunno I can see where the Theory can be applied its just if I want to look in depth enough to apply it.

Right, off to watch friends. Gonna have KFC after me thinks


Monday, 26 November 2007


I don't have long because I have to go hassle the doctor over my note for my JET application! my reference from college tutor is in the post and I have handed in my psychoanalysis essay! the novel I have to read for Wednesday is RRRRRRRREEEAAAALLYYYY small :oD hurrah! t'is all good!

After all that bloody stress as well! damnit!


Saturday, 24 November 2007

Ok...admittedly this is avoiding my essay a little bit!

Who really needs to be able to psychoanalyse a text that was written 100 yearsish anyway?

To clarify the reason I have taken up blogging on here is because I used to have a myspace one and then I realised I hated myspace so I have set up on here... its not going to be interesting philosophical thoughts, its probably going to be general rants about stuff that I hear day to day. Those of you who know me I rant a hell of a lot :) It's pretty impressive! :D

Anywho... last night I saw Beowolf with Sam.... It was an interesting experience.... first of all it was FULL of little annoying chav children... grrr grrr grrrr... then the film itself... for a 12A was surprisingly full of nudity and sexual innuendo's! If i was a parent I would have been shocked... then again childhood has changed a lot since I was a young lass (oh dear god I sound like a nanna!) but seriously though there was a full nipplage showing on Angelina Jolie... Is it because its CGI effect thing that they are allowed to show that much! I was truly shocked! Or maybe I am old and past it.... hmmm could be it... and I'm only 2o :D. The storyline itself was pretty good, I was disappointed with the ending but overall it was not a bad way to spend a couple of hours!

Anyway its 3 and I haven't done enough on my essay! Alas I am staying in this evening to do my work because thats the kind of hard working soul I am :oD (and because i wasted reading week)

6 days till Andy Parsons
7 days till Bro comes to visit and pubbage can occur!